Bungalows in the sky

Mantri AltiusMantri Developers is offering a new experience for some very lucky and special people- literally a bungalow in the sky. With only the Vidhan Soudha, and vast expanses of green of Cubbon Park as the view from your room. nothing else other than a penthouse can provide such pleasure that too to one family; seventeen families can share this experience but each with an entire floor all his own. That is nothing compared to what more Mantri Altius has in store for the privileged.

Strangely Mantri’s experience and professional acumen was gained over the years in diverse businesses like stock broking, leasing, financing and automobile forging. This was soon followed to their ground breaking diversification into the construction business. They quickly built on a wealth of experience, earning an excellent reputation for elegantly designed and crafted developments of high quality homes; Mantri provides new home buyers a quick and easy access to a very comprehensive database of new homes on the web.
Neighbour’s envy owner’s pride

To their credit are over 80 completed projects, spanning 80,00,000 sq. ft. of built area, amassing 10,000 satisfied customers including 1200 NRIs. Yet each new project comes a s a breath of fresh air, each as if it were their first, and each new customer is treated with the enthusiasm of a beginner. It is this innovative quality that has enabled them to delight customers. Mantri homes boast of excellent amenities and facilities and not to forget, the tranquil setting amidst the city. Mantri’s top management has coined an acronym –PQRST, for Punctuality. Quality. Reliability. Speed. Transparency; vital ingredients for the purchaser. They place great emphasis on the quality of design, construction, fittings, finishes and respect for the environment.

Situated in the heart of Bangalore, Altius occupies a built-up area of around 85,000 sq. ft on #17, Raj Bhawan road, encompassing a 360-degree view of its metropolitan surroundings. Aptly named, ‘Altius’ scales up to an altitude of 60mtrs. In Greek the name denotes the term “Higher?. The concept for this high-rise super luxury apartment was to create “villas? in the sky, which would befit the status of the targeted clientele.

Among Mantri Developers impressive list of projects so far, Altius is premier in the list of innovation and ingenuity and is Mantri’s prized construction. Unlike other projects that range anywhere between Rs.30,00,000 and Rs.150,00,000 and unfolds with basic features of parking, clubhouse, swimming pool and security, the Altius plan was conceptualized to be different from the rest of the properties, right from its architecture and design, to its customers.

Designed by the Singapore based – RSP Architects, Mantri Altius is one of the most expensive properties in Bangalore, specifically catering to the discerning few. The residents of these exclusive apartments were personally hand picked by Sushil Mantri, Chairman & Managing Director - Mantri Developers.  The entrance to the Lobby of the building has splendour on par with the excellence of a 7 Star Hotel, providing a grand entry.

 “Bangalore has become a favorite destination for aspirations, high lifestyle and property investment, Mantri Altius defines luxury living and will prove to be a benchmark for many more such residential apartments that would be constructed in the near future. “A lot of innovation has gone into the making of Altius. Luxury living completes posh lifestyle?, says Mr. Sushil Mantri.

Mantri Altius is a first of its kind, in all aspects. A multi storied building of 17 floors, It accommodates just a single apartment of a built up area of 5,515 sq. ft on every floor, giving a feeling of independence that only a bungalow can offer. With design, construction and ambience being given foremost priority, only twelve percentage of the land has been utilized for the development of the structure, while the entire remaining eighty-eight percent, is exclusively devoted to developing a lush green landscape. The planning has been evolved with great sense and sensibility for public, semi public and private spaces within the layout to create a distinct hierarchy of spaces.

For example the location and design of each room has been implemented based on the best view available. Predominantly constructed with steel and glass, the residents can enjoy an unobstructed view of Vidhana Soudha, High Court, Chinnaswamy Stadium and the verdant greenery of Cubbon Park. All the key areas like the living, dining, master bedroom and family rooms are located to offer the pure enjoyment of unobstructed view on all sides.

Mantri Altius has a 7 Star clubhouse with a built up area of 11,300 sq.ft. The main lobby has a reception; vending machines and a chic bar to entertain guests. The clubhouse is fully furnished, with facilities like gym squash court, table tennis, billiards, cards and carom room. Separate male & female SPA, party hall with buffet counter, library and bar lounge. The large clubhouse on 2 levels is designed to provide an excellent ambience for recreation and relaxation. A seamless pool set in a lush landscape is a perfect setting fit for an elite clubhouse.

Top priority has been given to the security extended to the operation of elevators. A biometric sensor system with videophone control unit has been installed in the elevators. Elevators open automatically, stopping only at the designated apartment. Perimeter fencing with CCTV cameras, boom barriers with smart car-tag access for basement further reinforces the security aspect. The units are accessed by private lifts, which are controlled by state of art security systems and is intended to enhance the privacy while simultaneously providing the requisite safety and security. The service area is separated conveniently to enable movement of household staff and materials within the building, without impeding the main movement area.

A lot of innovation has gone into the making of the Mantri Altius. Nooks and corners have been eliminated precluding birds from building nest and dirtying the apartment. The garage that is situated at the basement is so constructed, that ample space is achieved to park a big enough car like a Mercedes S-class or a SUV and ensures smooth cruising and cornering for these vehicles round the runways skirting the building walls.

Mantri Altius will be illuminated in the evening. LED and metal halide lights have been imported specially for this purpose. The paint on the exterior walls is coated with textured finish and acrylic latex exterior paint thereby preventing the walls from fading or being damaged in any way. An air-conditioning system with centralized out door units and indoors unit ranging from 1.1 TR to 2.00 TR has been installed. Mantri Altius has also provided facilities for rainwater harvesting. The tall façade of the building is emphasized by the stately white exterior with accents of blue glass cladding. This combination of white and blue completes the branding of the project as a landmark on Bangalore’s skyline.

Can you give some details of interiors - type of floor, paint and some good pictures?
The owners in terms of privacy have precluded the supply of interior pictures for public viewing. The flooring uses Italian marble of 20 mm thickness. Plastic emulsion paint has been used for painting the interiors while latex emulsion paint is used for the exteriors. The glass we have used is SCG Reflectasol ST 150 soft quoted glass.

2. You mentioned steel and glass was used in the construction- what specification of steel? Is it coated? We have used torsteel of 415 grade for reinforcement in the building. We have used glass for cladding.

3. Is the foundation earthquake proof?
Yes, it is earth quake proof and we have taken care up to seismic zone 2 though Bangalore is considered to be under zone 1.

4. Is there an agency that will manage and maintain the greenery?
We have a home care division which will manage the property for maintenance and always keep the project as good as new all the time.

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